We hope you find this book valuable in your efforts to guide community decisions. Every situation is different and will require different emphasis on specific stages of engagement and specific core principles. If you would like to learn more about how we and others are applying lessons from The Moment of Oh!, we encourage you to join the conversation on this blog site, where we are building a repository of stories, case studies, and additional resources.

We applaud your efforts to bring community members together around tough issues. The process is not always easy (expect it to be messy!), but the long-term health of your community depends upon inclusive engagement of people on all sides of the issue. Our experience suggests that even the most contentious decisions can be resolved through the intentional application of the Five Stages of Engagement and Seven Core Principles. Please test them out, and let us know what works in your situation.

We believe an engaged society is crucial for a healthy democracy. Our organization, CivilSay, was founded to improve the quality of civic discourse one community at a time. We seek to change how communities approach tough decisions by helping leaders use these challenges as opportunities for their communities to become smarter and work better. Thank you for taking the time to learn our approach and for your dedicated service to your community.

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Greg Ranstrom and John Blakinger are authors of the new  book The Moment of Oh! a guide to help communities make tough decisions.