Today our local paper, The Bend Bulletin, published recent results of a survey conducted by the city of Bend.  The Bulletin did not editorialize; it simply published the results as an easy to view infographic.  Of course all data representation is biased simply by how it is represented, but I commend the Bulletin for sticking to the facts.  The article can become a wonderful  resource for developing shared facts. (Unfortunately, the article is behind a pay-wall – so the tool is not as available is it could be.)  I would like to see municipalities partner more with newspapers to produce civic engagement tools, like fact-based infographics to help inform and focus community dialogues.  I think this might sell papers and serve communities well.



One Response to #Infographic to develop shared facts

  1. greg ranstrom says:

    In this post I should have also mentioned Face the Facts as a model for producing fact-based info graphics and dialogue primers.