Use experts wisely is not always an easy principle to apply. Can you read the different reports and studies on  gun control without looking for and believing only the answer you want?  Read this media matters article, and test your ability to remain objective.  I encourage you to take a couple deep breaths every time you notice yourself jumping to a conclusion.  Right now is a  great time to practice listening to all sides of the issue.  My current view on gun control is that there is not yet an absolutely clear causal relationship between gun ownership and gun violence.  At the same time I am in favor of much stricter limits; however I am even more concerned about the lack of mental health services in the U.S.  I suspect mental health is a much bigger factor than than gun availability when it comes to gun violence, but I don’t know the research that might back up this idea.  I am not ready to say that second amendment advocates are wrong. They simply have a certain set of priorities that are different than mine.  We should all acknowledge that we often want a certain outcome – regardless of the facts.  We need to thoughtfully review the research and identify the various interests, values and beliefs, rather than acting like the answer is simple and half the population is just stupid.