In our work with communities, we have found that successful decision making in controversial community situations requires seven core principles to be applied from initial planning to completion. In every poor decision process we review, we see at least one—and often many—of these principles missing. Conversely, when leaders are guided by all of the following core principles, positive processes and outcomes are achieved:

  • Moment of Oh! - Seven Core PrinciplesInclude Diverse Perspectives
  • Understand Each Other
  • Use Experts Wisely
  • Expect It to Be Messy
  • Make Decisions on Shared Facts
  • Take One Step at a Time
  • Leave Tracks

We encourage you to consider how well you are able to act according to these principles. Keep notes about which principles are most difficult for you to act on. These principles must be experienced in action by the community to make a difference in the community-decision process.

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Greg Ranstrom and John Blakinger are authors of the new  book The Moment of Oh! a guide to help communities make tough decisions.